Agate - Blue Lace

metaphysical properties

Communication becomes much easier with Blue Lace Agate! Even though it has low intensity and vibrates at a slow frequency, Blue Lace Agate is an excellent stone to wear for those who struggle to communicate effectively. It helps with clearing mental clutter and confusion, calming an over-active mind, and assists those who struggle to express their emotions, especially when they are upset or frustrated. For those who talk too much or blurt out things before thinking, wearing Blue Lace Agate can help them have a calmer, clearer mind before speaking. Blue Lace Agate inspires trustworthiness and loyalty because those who wear it appear mature, composed and are able to keep secrets and confidential information. Blue Lace Agate brings peace and serenity and is a wonderful accompaniment for meditation practices. It also balances emotional, intellectual and physical energy, as well as positive and negative energy. Its’ stabilizing and strengthening essence can dissolve old negative blocks and patterns and help create new, more self-honouring thoughts. For new moms, it is believed to help them overcome overwhelm and those baby blue feelings of post-partum depression. In addition, it can help men become more in touch with their feelings and tune into their sensitive side.

Agate - Blue Lace

quick info:

Throat Chakra

- Calming energy

- Clear thoughts

- Effective communication