Agate - Moss

metaphysical properties

Wealth, abundance and prosperity are sure to follow the wearer of Moss Agate. With its’ heart energy, it releases creative blocks and allows one to connect with the flow of the Universe by inspiring creativity and intuition. It helps the wearer make sense of frazzled thoughts as it organizes and balances the logical and creative thinking mind. It improves mental concentration and grounds those who spend too much time with their heads in the clouds. Moss Agate can also attract new friendships and love, or strengthen bonds that already exist. Anxiety, fear and stress are no match for Moss Agate, its’ calming vibration can calm one’s over-thinking mind. Moss Agate’s grounding energy can deepen one’s connection with the earth and increases one’s desire to spend more time outdoors. Fortunately, it also helps reduce symptoms of weather sensitivity.

Agate - Moss

quick info:

Heart Chakra

- Wealth, abundance & prosperity

- Attract love & friendships

- Calm mind, mental concentration