metaphysical properties

The calming energy of Amazonite can soothe the spirit and bring deep inner peace. Feelings of compassion and empathy can be heightened with Amazonite. It encourages peaceful and loving communication, as it helps one see both sides. However, it can also empower one to confidently express their thoughts and feelings, giving them the courage to move beyond fear or any perceived judgement from others. Amazonite is useful for helping one discover and develop one’s true identity as intuition is intensified. It strengthens one’s character and integrity, and can solve conflicts from within, and self-honouring decisions are always favoured. Wearing Amazonite can inspire one to pick up new good habits and routines, providing the self-discipline required to make improvements. It is believed to be a good luck stone, and can help present opportunities for prosperity, such as attracting new clients or generating ideas for new business ventures. Amazonite can motivate one to organize or tidy up their environment as the mind also declutters. Creativity can be boosted. It can help one overcome feelings of loneliness and dispel any negative thoughts.


quick info:

Heart Chakra

- Confident communication

- Peace and tranquility

- Intuition, creativity