metaphysical properties

As with most of us, the real beauty of Amethyst goes far deeper than its physical appearance. It wields the connection between the Divine and physical world and can help one awaken to their true self, and deepen their connection to Spirit. It can strengthen one’s faith and encourage one to trust the pace and flow of their lives and surrender to what is and what’s to come. It can bring deep relaxation and is especially useful during prayer or meditation practices. Amethyst purifies the mind and can rid it from negative thoughts. Wearing Amethyst can help generate new ideas, increase imagination and creativity and help one work more efficiently and effectively. It can also help one become clear of their intentions and motivate them to take action. Amethyst can refine one’s thinking process and boost intelligence by improving mental focus. It can calm an overactive mind, reducing symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and hyperactivity in both adults and children. Amethyst works wonders on one’s emotional state. It can negate negative self-talk and soothe emotions, reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. Wearing Amethyst can help heal old inner wounds and bring feelings of peace and harmony to the present moment. Amethyst is believed to bring protection as well as abundance and prosperity and has been used for centuries as a good luck charm. On the other hand, it can also help prevent overindulgence from negative habits and addictions, such as gambling, drinking and overspending. It is packed with positive energy! Amethyst can be worn to help relieve pain and tension in the body. It is also good for enjoying a restful sleep as it is believed to help reduce nightmares.


quick info:

Crown Chakra

- Calms mind, reduces stress

- Connection to Divine

- Increases creativity