metaphysical properties

Aquamarine emits a very calming, cleansing energy that purifies the spirit, bringing peace, happiness and tranquility. It can calm the mind, and help one feel more relaxed. Aquamarine can cool down hot tempers and soothe feelings of overwhelm and stress. Aquamarine can bring clarity, focus and wisdom and help one see the truth in situations. It encourages one to connect with their higher self which can promote feelings of self-respect. Aquamarine stimulates one’s intelligence and is an excellent aid for intellectual pursuits and learning new skills or languages. All senses can be heightened by wearing or meditating with Aquamarine. Aquamarine’s loving and peaceful energy enhances compassion and tolerance and can strengthen bonds with others. Communication is often heartfelt and sincere when one wears Aquamarine. It can also give one courage to speak their truth during confrontation. It reduces feelings of loneliness and encourages commitment and fidelity in relationships.


quick info:

Throat Chakra

- Compassion, tolerance

- Connect with higher self

- Inner peace, relaxation