Aventurine - Green

metaphysical properties

Green Aventurine is considered to be one of the luckiest gemstones. It embodies an energy of fortune and can be used to bring luck and attract opportunities that can create more wealth and prosperity. Green Aventurine can help one release old patterns and habits that could be holding them back from enjoying life to their fullest. It also helps one view past hardships as opportunities for learning and growth. Green Aventurine can balance one’s emotions and helps to lighten any negative feelings with humour, optimism and positivity. Wearing Green Aventurine can release the stress and minor irritations of daily life. Green Aventurine’s peaceful energy helps one feel more connected to earth and nature. It brings feelings of love, a strong sense of gratitude and can help one focus on their existing blessings while bringing more of all of this good stuff into their lives! When in need of help with decision making, Green Aventurine can make the right, and more favourable, decision become clear.

Aventurine - Green

quick info:

Heart Chakra

- Attract wealth & prosperity

- Dissolves negativity

- Focus on gratitude & love