metaphysical properties

For those on a quest for self-improvement and spiritual development, Chrysocolla provides the perfect frequency for allowing natural emotional exploration while providing light, love and deep healing. The energy of Chrysocolla is that of a feminine nature, and invokes feelings of stability and inner strength as well as power through gentleness. When relationships don’t work out as we expected and we are left broken-hearted, wearing Chrysocolla can mend harsh feelings one may have for the self and for others and brings about feelings of forgiveness. It allows one to honour and make peace with the past while holding the future in high regard to move forward patiently with optimism and positivity. Wearing Chrysocolla is great for reducing stress and alleviating fear, tension and feelings of guilt. For creative types, such as artists, writers and inventors, Chrysocolla can be very useful by providing inspiration and increasing the flow of creativity. The flow of money may also improve as it is believed to bring prosperity and financial success in business. Chrysocolla can stimulate the mind in a peaceful state and heighten intuition. It is also great for courageous communication and expression, and is perfect for those who may need to speak or perform in public.

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Throat Chakra