metaphysical properties

Howlite can settle and tame the most turbulent of minds. It’s gentle and calming energy can bring peace and comfort to those suffering from stress and anxiety. Howlite can balance unstable thoughts, soothe frustration and can even help one identify the triggers that can set them off into angry fits. Howlite can unmask illusions and reveal truth to situations. It helps one develop a higher understanding and brings forth new perspectives. Intuition can be heightened with a deeper sense of trust in oneself. Howlite is a wonderful aid to meditation as it can help the mind become calmer more quickly, and settle into a relaxing state of being. It boosts creativity and identifies the outlet in which it can be expressed. The subdued nature of Howlite can help one develop more patience and tolerance for others. It is also good for helping one feel and show respect for themselves and for the people in their lives. Howlite can bring deep, relaxing sleeps and break spells of insomnia. It can quiet an overactive mind, especially one that is aflutter at night. It can improve one’s memory and can help one learn and retain new knowledge quickly. It is a great stone to wear or carry around when one is practicing mindfulness and being present in the moment.


quick info:

Crown Chakra

- Calming, soothing, peaceful

- Reduces anger, aggression

- Restful sleep, relieves insomnia