Jasper - Leopard Skin

metaphysical properties

Leopard Skin Jasper is a stone that can help with personal growth. It allows the wearer to become more clear with mental processes easing any difficulty with decision making. For those with big goals and aspirations, Leopard Skin Jasper has the ability to raise one’s vibration to become a vibrational match for a desired object or situation. It is great for manifesting one’s desires. Leopard Skin Jasper’s protective and positive energy combats feelings of stress and anxiety, allowing the mind to be calmer and more peaceful. It helps keep away negative thoughts and energies. Wearing Leopard Skin Jasper allows one to become more focused on feelings of gratitude, appreciation and compassion. One can also feel more connected with animals with Leopard Skin Jasper, as it is known for being a stone for Shamanism and Totemism.

Jasper - Leopard Skin

quick info:

Heart, Sacral & Root Chakras

- Easier decision making

- Manifestation