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The powerful, protective energy of Kyanite is believed to shield one from negativity. For sensitive people or empaths, Kyanite can prevent the wearer from feeling drained after being around negative people or situations. Kyanite is a great stone to use or wear during meditation practices as it can help one get into a deep, relaxed state and calm the mind completely. It can balance the energy in the body and strengthen one’s intuition. It can be used to help one get in touch with higher or spiritual guidance. When dreaming about the future, Kyanite can help one clearly envision their desires and goals. Kyanite is believed to prevent or reduce the frequency of nightmares and also enable one to better recall their dreams. Self-expression and speaking one’s truth becomes easier when wearing Kyanite as it can improve one’s ability to communicate effectively. Kyanite can give one confidence when bringing up or discussing sensitive issues in relationships, making the wearer feel more relaxed during heavy or heartfelt conversations.

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