Lapis Lazuli

metaphysical properties

Lapis Lazuli can help one awaken to their true selves, discover their purpose and inspire them to create their destiny. The deeply relaxing and peaceful energy of Lapis Lazuli can assist with one’s spiritual growth and transformation. It also has a grounding energy that balances the gap between the physical and spiritual world should one become too consumed with the path to enlightenment. It can release negative energy and relieve stress. Lapis Lazuli inspires new ways of thinking. It can generate new ideas which can be helpful for problem-solving. Lapis Lazuli can improve memory, concentration and critical thinking and assist with decision making. Communication and self-expression can be greatly enhanced with Lapis Lazuli as it encourages one to speak clearly and confidently. It can remove feelings of social awkwardness or shyness and motivate one to rise to challenges and experience things they may have been too fearful to try before. Lapis Lazuli has a beautiful, healing energy that can help put past feelings of pain and sorrow to rest. It inspires love, closeness and compassion. Wearing Lapis Lazuli can enhance creativity and provide little inklings on how such creativity could be best expressed. Lapis Lazuli is believed to increase wealth and abundance and bring success to one’s endeavours. One can also wake up more rejuvenated wearing or using Lapis Lazuli as it can improve one’s quality of sleep.

Lapis Lazuli

quick info:

Brow Chakra

- Spiritual awakening

- Improved mental abilities

- Assists with communication