metaphysical properties

Lepidolite brings peace and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. It can help one feel grounded, balanced and centered. It can stabilize the mood, and bring emotional relief to those who suffer from anxiety or depression. Rather than resisting change, Lepidolite can help one shift the focus to the new and exciting elements that change can bring. It can stimulate the intellectual and analytical parts of the brain, which can minimize confusion and simplify the decision making process. Negative thought patterns can be recognized and replaced. Lepidolite can put one in touch with their higher self and stimulate greater awareness of a Divine presence. It is believed to be a useful aid for spiritual growth. Wearing or using Lepidolite during meditation can help one balance scattered energy, calm the mind, and bring them into peaceful contemplation. It can inspire one to follow their passion, and put them on the path to achieving sustainable happiness. Lepidolite is also believed to calm mood swings and can be exceptionally useful for relieving hormonal fluctuations caused by PMS or menopause.

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Heart & Brow Chakra


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