metaphysical properties

Amazing personal transformations can begin with Malachite. It is a stone that encourages one to examine the self and find the ways in which they can make dramatic and positive life changes. It helps one to understand their own needs, follow their passion, and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Malachite increases confidence, and helps those who suffer from shyness or fears related to being noticed or heard find their rightful voice and place in this world. It helps one experience harmony and balance within relationships by enabling them to clearly and confidently express their feelings and needs while respecting and honouring the needs of their partner. Malachite is a great mood stabilizer. It can also alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, and can assist with the healing of any previous emotional abuse. It inspires one to love unconditionally without neediness, co-dependence, manipulation or control. The abundant mindset can also be stimulated with Malachite. It can motivate one to take action steps to make dreams reality and manifest desires. It can protect one from negative feelings that can carry through the day, and lead to more restful sleeps.


quick info:

Heart Chakra

- Harmonious relationships

- Overcoming shyness

- Manifest desires