Moonstone - Peach

metaphysical properties

Peach Moonstone is an exceptionally loving stone. It ignites sensuality and passion in the heart and encourages one to look deep within themselves to focus on what makes them happy. Peach Moonstone also comforts an overly self-critical mind, and can improve the relationship one has with themself. It reminds the wearer of their worth and value, and encourages new means of confident self-expression; no longer fearing how others may perceive them. Peach Moonstone is also a great aid for those who suffer from excess worry or anxiety as it calms and over-analytical mind and transmutes negative thoughts by changing the focus to gratitude for existing blessings. It helps one become able to see the positive in situations. Intuition can develop and strengthen when wearing Peach Moonstone during meditation.

Moonstone - Peach

quick info:

Heart Chakra

- Promotes self-love

- Increases confidence

- Reduces anxiety