Quartz - Rose

metaphysical properties

See the world with “Rose Quartz” coloured glasses. It brings peace, love and compassion and enables one to see and enjoy the beauty of life. Rose Quartz is known for its loving energy as it can help one develop and strengthen love in all areas. It encourages love of self by helping one to understand their needs and increasing their personal power. It can motivate one to express themselves to others with more tenderness and kindness. Rose Quartz inspires one to give and receive love with less reservation. Passion and romance can follow Rose Quartz. It is believed to be an aphrodisiac and can enhance intimacy and sensuality and strengthen bonds between lovers. It can also increase one’s confidence which can make them more attractive to new potential partners. It brings tolerance and acceptance for one experiencing changes in their relationships. Rose Quartz has a beautiful healing energy that can help with heartbreak once a relationship has ended. It promotes forgiveness and inspires one to release any grudges. It can provide solace from grief and comfort to those going through an emotional crisis. Rose Quartz can lighten one’s heart and enable them to experience what most of us want in this life: unconditional love.

Quartz - Rose

quick info:

Heart Chakra

- Unconditional love

- Compassion, tenderness, kindness

- Confidence, self-love, self-respect