Quartz - Smoky

metaphysical properties

There’s a strong, protective energy that emits from the Smoky Quartz crystal. It shields the wearer from both internal and external negativity and can relieve painful and potentially harmful emotions such as depression, anxiety and jealousy. It is one of the most efficient stones to wear when you need to feel grounded, centered and gain some stability. Smoky Quartz can also be used to help one gain clarity and improve their focus or mental state. It is a great stone to wear during meditation or yoga, or during any practice where mental discipline is required. Smoky Quartz has such a potent grounding energy and can help one feel more connected to the earth, nature and other people. It is a great stone to wear if there are difficult decisions to make or for intense conversations such as job interviews, business deals or when asking for a raise. It will help one maintain clarity and composure. Smoky Quartz can also tame a restless mind and overcome insomnia.

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Lower Chakras


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