metaphysical properties

Rhodonite can unlock the limitless powers of love available to all. It’s loving energy promotes compassion, forgiveness, patience and acceptance. It can help one release any negative thoughts or patterns, such as grudges or fear, that are holding them back from giving and receiving love unconditionally. Rhodonite encourages honest and respectful communication and is believed to heal conflicts in relationships. What we focus on, we create more of, and Rhodonite always brings the focus back to love, which can help attract more or new love into one’s life. Wearing Rhodonite can also relieve feelings of pain and loneliness caused by heartbreak or loss. Introspection can happen when wearing Rhodonite, allowing one to learn from previous mistakes and bring forth growth and personal evolution. Rhodonite can also enable one to recognize their talents, purpose and potential and encourage them to share their gifts with the world through service of the heart. It allows one to see their true self, without criticism and judgement. Wearing Rhodonite can increase self-esteem and feelings of love for the self and others. Its grounding energy can prevent feelings of infatuation or obsession to allow true, unconditional love to blossom. Rhodonite’s loving vibration can also calm mental unrest as well as relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

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Heart Chakra