metaphysical properties

Shungite is an extraordinarily positive stone and wearing it may bring you a plethora of blessings. The incredible energy embodied within this ancient stone is believed to absorb and eliminate anything harmful to human life as it has active metaphysical properties and strong healing powers. It protects the wearer from negativity, allowing one to release any grudges, guilt or any negative emotions that may be festering. It is also known to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. For those with difficulty sleeping, wearing or keeping Shungite nearby can help combat insomnia, providing a more restful and relaxing sleep. A unique quality of this stone is that it contains fullerenes (a crystalline form of carbon) which are known to be powerful anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidant properties can shield you from the electro-magnetic radiation (or EMF) from electrical equipment such as cellphones, computers, televisions and microwaves. It is believed to infuse the auric field with light which attracts positive and beneficial circumstances to you. When feeling physically drained, Shungite can boost one’s energy. Its soothing vibration brings emotional balance and mental clarity and can be an excellent aid for making positive changes in one’s life.


quick info:

Root Chakra

Positivity and optimism

Anti-oxidants (protection from EMFS)

Reduces stress and anxiety