metaphysical properties

Sodalite brings order and calmness to the mind. It eliminates mental confusion clears the mind for a balance of intuitive and rational thought. Sodalite can release mental blocks, limitations and old mental conditioning. The clarity it brings can help one understand why they are in their current situation, and if positive changes need to be made, it gives them the insight of what needs to be done in order to make those improvements. Sodalite is believed to be good for groups and teamwork as it helps builds trust with others, creating more meaningful partnerships. Standing up for one’s beliefs and speaking their truth becomes easier with Sodalite as it increases self-confidence and self-acceptance. The peaceful and tranquil energy of Sodalite is beneficial for those who become sensitive or defensive during conflict. It helps release fear, guilt, control mechanisms and can also calm or prevent panic attacks. Sodalite is excellent for creative expression and is great for those in need of inspiration.


quick info:

Brow Chakra

- Connects logic & intuition

- Releases limitations & old beliefs

- Boosts self-esteem & self-acceptance