metaphysical properties

Through the centuries, the dazzling Turquoise has been coveted as one of the most ornamental gemstones and was believed to bring protection, happiness and good fortune. Turquoise’s lucky energy can prevent one from making unwise investments. It can increase one’s ambition, empowering them to take action towards endeavours that can bring success and abundance. Turquoise can bust through creative blocks and provide much needed inspiration. It can help one express themselves creatively and clearly through communication. When problems present themselves, Turquoise can inspire creative solutions and simplify decision making processes. Turquoise has a peaceful, tranquil energy that can balance one’s mood, and deliver mental relaxation. It can diffuse one’s tendency to overreact, and bring forth compassion, new perspectives and forgiveness if necessary. Turquoise can trigger self-realization or self-actualization and prevent one from doing things that may self-sabotage any positive efforts. Turquoise can boost one’s energy and is good to wear when feeling fatigued or lethargic. It can lift one’s spirits and bring a more joyful or peaceful state of mind. Turquoise is also a good stone to wear to relieve symptoms of depression or anxiety and can reduce panic attacks. In relationships, Turquoise can inspire fidelity and trust. It can rouse romantic feelings and spontaneity, keeping things fresh and exciting.

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