Awakening Purpose, Ruby Zoisite Gemstone & Shell Earrings

Enhance aspects of your life by carrying around or wearing gemstones.


These earrings were hand-crafted with love using semi-precious gemstones. If you have any special metal requests due to allergies, please contact me.


These particular earrings use the following stone(s) and will be charged with healing Reiki energy prior to it being shipped out to you.



  • A stone that links both mind and heart, Ruby Zoisite has a harmonizing energy. Ruby Zoisite is considered to be a very lucky stone that is associated with wealth, abundance and prosperity. Not only does it promote creativity, but it brings the wearer the courage and confidence to go forth with fortitude, along with a deep trust in the universe, as they focus on their passion and purpose in life. Ruby Zoisite can be a very potent tool when developing and awakening to one’s spiritual side. Letting go of the past is never easy, but Ruby Zoisite is believed to assist with healing negative repressed feelings by allowing them to be surfaced and examined to move forward in life with more inner peace. It is great for relief from stress and emotional overwhelm as it carries a grounding, positive and happy energy. Ruby Zoisite is also a wonderful stone for all relationships, as it helps the wearer focus on the positives, such as appreciation and gratitude, empathy and compassion. It also helps one understand their own needs in each relationship and allows them to be effectively communicated. One’s sense of belonging becomes apparent with Ruby Zoisite.

I am a Reiki Practitioner and this bracelet was made with love and the highest intentions were held for the buyer.


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Awakening Purpose, Ruby Zoisite Gemstone & Shell Earrings

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