Peaceful Euphoria, Sunstone & Carnelian Gemstone Earrings

Enhance aspects of your life by carrying around or wearing gemstones.


These earrings were hand-crafted with love using semi-precious gemstones. If you have any special metal requests due to allergies, please contact me.


These particular earrings use the following stone(s) and will be charged with healing Reiki energy prior to it being shipped out to you.



  • Confidence, ambition, motivation and passion can all be unlocked with the energy of Carnelian. It is believed to bring enormous courage, helping one face their fears and come out victoriously and empowered on the other side. With Carnelian, one may become clear of their passion and purpose in life and follow it with willful determination. It is said to bring good luck, prosperity and good fortune as it inspires action towards achieving one’s goals. Carnelian is an excellent stone for lovers, as it brings out one’s sensual and passionate side. Its fiery energy can rekindle flames that may have gone dim. It is also believed to increase fertility. Wearing Carnelian can stimulate mental focus and clarity, and provide inspiration to increase creativity. It can also bring about warmth, sociability and happiness for individuals and enhance one’s sense of community and belonging. Carnelian is beneficial for those who perform regular training and exercises, as it boosts and balances the energy within the body, and allows one to work out with more power and stamina.




  • Sunstone is a type of oligoclase, which is a variety of feldspar mineral consisting of sodium-rich plagioclase. Feelings of anxiety, fear and stress can be alleviated with Sunstone, as its energy emits positive vibrations and joyful emotions. It’s linked with vitality and longevity. Sunstone is a wonderful stone for people with long-term goals and who need a little assistance with the follow-through of commitments as it promotes self-discipline and brings about feelings of confidence and optimism to help with actualizing dreams. It also helps with personal empowerment and assists people who generally make too many sacrifices for others feel more comfortable saying no and standing up for themselves. Sunstone is great for those who have difficulty with making decisions since it promotes authenticity and heightens intuition, which allows the wearer to stand behind the choices they’ve made with complete confidence. It strengthens mental abilities and can expand consciousness. Sunstone radiates positive energy and is known for its good luck qualities and is believed to protect against negative vibrations. For those who need a little spark in their love lives, Sunstone is said to increase sensuality and can brighten up the romance department.

I am a Reiki Practitioner and this bracelet was made with love and the highest intentions were held for the buyer.


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Peaceful Euphoria, Sunstone & Carnelian Gemstone Earrings

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