Enhanced Intuition

The more often I research gemstones and write up my detailed, the more I notice how in sync I am with what's going on in my world! I tried to get a bit ahead of myself last night by researching Sodalite and writing up my description so that I'd feel less overwhelmed today as my kids and I get back into our normal routine. But when I got to my part time job this morning, I was surprised to learn that after 2 years of doing my job solo, I'd now be sharing duties with two other people. I thought it was quite the coincidence that Sodalite is great for partnerships and teamwork, and even though a bit of resistance came up for me at first, it actually turned out to be a pretty good thing! You can read more about Sodalite in my previous post.

This beautiful Sodalite and Aquamarine bracelet was just made and listed today! Click on the image to get one for yourself!



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