Passionate Purpose

Passionate Purpose - Zoisite, Rhodonite & Onyx Gemstone Mala

Sometimes inspiration comes in waves. Sometimes, just organizing your work space allows the creative energy to flow through you. I think I've experienced a little bit of both lately. I spent the holiday organizing my supplies inventory, and I noticed an abundance of the beautiful Ruby Zoisite bead - enough to make a gorgeous pink and green 108 bead gemstone mala!

This one is called Passionate Purpose, a Ruby Zoisite, Rhodonite and Black Agate Onyx gemstone mala necklace because both Ruby Zoisite and Rhodonite invoke feelings of passion and encourage the wearer to take intentional and inspired action towards goals in-line with one's purpose. Save 15% on this by becoming a Luvliness Insider - and find this and other malas in the Gemstone Mala shop!