Love comes easily with Kunzite. It stimulates love of all kinds, such as love and acceptance for self, others, nature and the Divine. Kunzite can ease feelings of heartache and pain, clearing any obstacles or emotional walls that prevent one from giving and receiving unconditional love. It can also attract new love or opportunities for love into your life.

Kunzite is powerful for mothers, especially those who are new, young or single and who may experience more difficulty facing the challenges of motherhood. Because it emits calming and peaceful vibrations, it is also great for restless infants and children with excessive energy. It can bring acceptance and self-love to young girls who are facing changes to their bodies during puberty.

Kunzite’s soothing energy can also calm nerves, dispel irritation and relieve anxiety. It allows one to open their heart and create deeper connections with others through patience and empathy. Kunzite is also believed to be an effective talisman for protection in travel.



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