Red Jasper

There are strong, fiery energies associated with Red Jasper which stimulate and increase low energy. It is a grounding stone and can balance scattered energy and calm harsh emotions.

Red Jasper is great for the physically active, as it represents strength, endurance and stamina. Red is typically associated with luck in the east, and vitality in the west, and wearing or carrying Red Jasper is believed to protect you from misfortune and evil. Red is also associated with confidence, and Red Jasper brings about feelings of empowerment, security, independence and self-assurance.

There are also corresponding feminine energies linked with Red Jasper as it relates to blood and can aid in emotional insecurities relating to pregnancy, childbirth and pre-menstrual syndrome.

If you are an artist, or student, wearing or carrying Red Jasper can increase inspiration and knowledge and enhance creativity.



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