Inspired Action

Funny story about this Mookaite stone here. Last night, before I went to bed, I thought I'd get a head-start on today's to-do list by creating my next featured item. I knew I wanted to work with mookaite because my description needed to be updated. So I was working away happily for a few hours until I was finally satisfied with how it looked. Then, when I decided to pack up for the night, turn off my light and slip into my oasis of a bedroom.... I could not sleep! Not a wink! In fact, I was so overwhelming inspired that I even got out of bed a few times to work on more projects. Come 5am, (that's right... FIVE A.M.) I was still wide awake. When I tell you that Mookaite's energy is powerful, this is the proof! It's great if you need a kick in the pants to get started on a project, or if you need a little inspiration - but DO NOT wear it if you plan on taking things easy... lol. This powerful little energy-booster is now up in the shop for you to enjoy!



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